Small info update on state

It is some time from last post. πŸ™‚

But there were made finally some progress forward. 

Bellow are some tools in progress that will be released soon:

Simple DNS lookup

Basic DNS records lookup based in input domain/hostname that will result A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, etc.

Link to Simple DNS lookup πŸ”—

Reverse DNS looukup (rDNS)

This DNS tool will perform a reverse IP lookup to find domain/hostname associated to corresponding IP. This could be used to:

  • help to find source of sending spam emails
  • try to help identify origin and track down who is try/ing to break firewall, hack system
  • help identify of visitor’s source hostname

Link to Reverse DNS looukup πŸ”—

Basic SEO

List and analyse basic SEO elements on webpage for given URL. This tool is in “BETA” because we strungling with form of presenting data from source and also list only relevant parts.There is now info for:

  • Redirect check – inputed/typed URL is same as final URL
  • Nice URL – url does not contain any special chars and URL is readable
  • HTML valid – valid HTML code with use of external W3C source (
  • HTML lang – detecting lang attr on <html> tag to determine lang
  • Charset/encoding standard – detection of charset meta
  • Title tag – existing and its length
  • Description meta – description meta and length
  • Robots meta – setup if robot can crawle page content and its links (not completed result)
  • Author meta – info about author if exists
  • … and there will be more…

Link to Basic SEO πŸ”—

Wats my IP (cleint IP)

Tool to display publicly displayed IP address. Is not hacking or anything fancy or invasing to privacy.
Link to Whats my IP πŸ”—