Basic SEO tool update

We made some updates for tool “Basic SEO” (SEO – Search Engine Optimization) page content and slightly changed design of outputed result data and info.

There are now descriptions for all items result data to explain for what purpose is given SEO item. All descriptions are on bottom of page bellow results data/info. Description contains also recommedations or reference to another source that could be more descriptive and are useful than create new one.

Bellow is list items for wchich was added description acording to SEO:

  • Page URL
  • Nice URL
  • HTML code validation
  • HTML lang
  • Charset/encoding standard
  • Title tag
  • Description meta
  • Robots meta
  • Author meta 

We hope that this short description of each report info will be helpful for profesionals and also good info for users that do not know much about SEO and its parts/elements.

Basic SEO tool is still not complete we would like to add additional data and items that is one of reasons why it is in BETA.